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#FirePatrick: LuLaRoe Needs a New Head Designer

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LuLaRoe is a wildly popular, incredibly funky direct sales clothing line that is known for its "buttery" soft leggings and wide range of inclusive sizes. Over 91,000 men and women have invested over $5,000 in this business! 

The company saw tremendous growth surrounding the notion that only 5,000 items in the entire company would carry each individual print--meaning that each print is exclusive. However, prints featuring mosaic bears, colorful puzzle pieces, and lions wearing glasses and a beanie were purchased swiftly, leaving consultants stuck with inventory covered in triangles (also known as Doritos), vulva shaped objects, and hideous squiggles that the majority of retailers cannot sell even at a discount. Naturally, these incredibly popular prints were few and far between leaving many consultants with thousands of dollars in unsold inventory. 

LuLaRoe has touted their "LuLaRoe Pro" as none other than Patrick Winget, a designer whose fashion experience comes from Kohls, Walmart, and Hot Topic. He claims to know what people want, and designs accordingly.

As it turns out, he is very wrong. 

This petition calls for the firing of Patrick Winget from the LuLaroe design team, in favor of a designer actually well versed in fashion and current trends. Oddly shaped geometric prints weirdly blended with outdated florals should not be on clothing in the 21st century. Tribal print pastels should be illegal, and look good on no one. Subtle prints are beautiful too. If all the prints were beautiful, consultants wouldn't be going out of business left and right. There is no reason why every print can't be amazing. 

Whether you are a LuLaRoe consultant or a LuLaRoe customer, we are all in agreement that LuLaRoe needs a major design overhaul. Sign this petition, so we can let LuLaRoe know how we feel! If you have been personally victimized by Patrick's terrible designs, share your story with your signature. Solidarity, friends.

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