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Luis Crisologo "Chavit" Singson, Richelle Louise Singson-Michael, Dir. Mundita S. Lim, PAWB: We Demand an End to the Killing of our Threatened Species for Sport!

The wildlife of the Philippines is a treasure that belongs to all Filipinos. Our country has laws in place such as the Wildlife Resources and Conservation and Protection Act RA 9147 to ensure the protection of our nation’s wildlife species. Former Governor Chavit Singson and his daughter Architect Richelle Singson have shown a blatant disregard for our country’s wildlife laws and the welfare of our wildlife by advocating the hunting of protected species and posting photos of their father-daughter hunting spree on Facebook and Instagram.

There are 673 species of birds found in the Philippines. Of these 673 species, 234 are found only in the Philippines. The survival of many of these species is already under threat from loss of habitat. Our wildlife cannot survive being hunted whether for sport, recreation, or sustenance. It is not sustainable. They will be hunted to extinction and this would be a grave crime against the Filipino people and future generations in the global community who may never know that these creatures ever existed. We ask former Gov Chavit Singson and his daughter Richelle Singson to stop promoting, advocating, and practicing hunting of Philippine wildlife. We hope they will instead promote the protection and conservation of wildlife and their habitat.

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  • Luis Crisologo "Chavit" Singson, Richelle Louise Singson-Michael, Dir. Mundita S. Lim, PAWB

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