World Governments Permanently Close All Pandemic Causing Illegal Wildlife Markets NOW!

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With the Corona Virus Pandemic now spreading across the world, sickening millions and killing thousands so far, world governments MUST ACT immediately as a unified force to stop the global trade in illegally trapped, sold, and consumed wild animals. The Corona Virus Pandemic, whose origins are believed to have come from bats that were consumed as food by humans, has also caused a global and unprecedented financial catastrophe.    
World governments must take action immediately to close wildlife markets in every country as a key part of the global strategy and response to safeguard the public health from the Corona Virus pandemic. New viruses which are constantly evolving, will continue to threaten all human life and our civilization and will continue originating in wild animals kept in unsanitary and inhumane conditions. Live animals continue to be sold for the consumption of their meat and butchered within the unsanitary conditions of the live animal market, where animals being sold for food are forced to live in cages containing their own excrement, stacked one upon the other.  

Although the COVID-19 emergency might feel new to most of the world, similar situations have happened multiple times in the past, with diseases coming from the same well-known origin: Wild Animals. The SARS epidemic, also caused by a coronavirus, began in China with the consumption of a catlike animal called the palm civet. The MERS epidemic, started with a coronavirus transmitted to humans from camels in the Middle East. It is even believed the AIDS pandemic originated in Africa after humans consumed the virus-laden meat of wild chimpanzees.  
Now, with the spread of yet another deadly coronavirus killing thousands, the message is crystal clear. If we are to prevent future pandemics, we must immediately halt the global trade in wild birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians in every country around the world. With the spreading of new deadly viruses and diseases every few years, some weak measures were taken in the past, but they weren't enough. In Guangdong Province in China in 2003, wildlife markets were temporarily shuttered as SARS emerged. Wild animal trade and consumption declined in the immediate aftermath, but the business resumed within a year, despite calls for a permanent ban. After the initial outbreak passes, public attention turns away from the illegal wildlife trade responsible for these deadly diseases. Scientists have long been calling for permanent ban for at least the last three decades. Without a global response, we are now living in daily terror and dying by the thousands as a result of the inaction of world leaders to stop trafficking in wildlife.
The world's leading scientists are unanimous: that without a full and permanent ban on the trade in wild animals, it is only a matter of time until the next incurable deadly virus emerges. This will keep happening because humans are allowed to view wild animals through an economic lens and to be sold commercially as a viable food source while knowing full well the risk to human health and to the global economy. Without permanently banning unsanitary virus-causing wildlife markets, governments are not doing everything they can within their power to protect us. We can now clearly predict where the next pandemic will come from; and it is already happening. Because of the massive scope of this problem, only world governments working together in a coordinated response have the resources and power to stop the illegal selling of wild animal species as food. 

As though this situation wasn't bad enough, the continued trapping of wildlife for human food is rapidly driving many species to the very brink of extinction. Without a global response from world governments to stop the wild animal markets, we are doomed to live in a more dangerous and impoverished world forever. Please sign this petition to demand world governments act now to stop the illegal and pandemic causing trade in wildlife. Thank you.