Lufthansa: Stop transporting Irish greyhounds to China

Lufthansa: Stop transporting Irish greyhounds to China

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Irish Council Against Blood Sports started this petition to Lufthansa Airline and

Greyhound protection group, CAGED Northwest, has reported that "Lufthansa are the airline shipping greyhounds to their death in Macau, China".

On its Facebook page, CAGED (Campaign Against Greyhound Exploitation & Death) states: "The following detail was brought to us via numerous reliable sources; 'Six greyhounds were transported by Lufthansa airlines from Dublin to Hong Kong on 12th April 2016'."

The doomed Irish dogs were destined for the infamous Canidrome, condemned as the world's deadliest racetrack from where no dog gets out alive.

As many as 800 greyhounds are housed at the Canidrome, with racing taking place five nights a week on a track that is deemed by animal welfarists on the ground as too hard, resulting in injuries to dogs. If a greyhound does not finish in the top three in five races in a row, he/she is destroyed. It is understood that around 400 dogs are killed by lethal injection each year and every greyhound arriving at the track is dead within three years.

During a four day period from April 30th to May 3rd 2016, over 50 dog injuries were documented on the Canidrome website. These included bite wounds, torn hip-supporting muscle, fractured paw, lame leg, swollen leg, inflamed joint and wounded tail. Greyhounds were also listed as having arthritis, eye infection, ear infection and dermatitis. Incredibly, many dogs with bite wounds, arthritis and torn muscles were said to be "cured" before a clearance certificate was issued for them to be used at the next race.

In response to dozens of complaints posted online, Lufthansa is not denying that it was the airline that flew the dogs to China.

One complaint stated: "I have learnt that Lufthansa are the airline that transport greyhounds from Ireland to Macau for a life of misery in the Canidrome." The official reply from Lufthansa: "Please appeal to your responsible authorities to change the legal framework that allows such mistreatments to happen. As a company, we are not able to determine the purpose for which animals are making their journey."

This response from Lufthansa is in stark contrast to that of other airlines. For example, Emirates Airlines moved quickly to confirm to the Irish Council Against Blood Sports that it has "never shipped greyhounds to China (Hong Kong or Macau) on our services from Dublin". British Airways has also assured us that they "have not transported greyhounds from Dublin to Macau on any BA aircraft". In December, following a damning TV report about the cruelty of the Canidrome, Qantas and Cathay Pacific airlines announced that they would no longer transport racing greyhounds from Australia to Asia.

Luftansa did not reply to a 22nd April 2016 email, urging the company to refuse to transport Irish greyhounds to China.


Contact Lufthansa and urge them to put in place a policy of not transporting greyhounds from Ireland to China.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
At 75,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!