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Make Lucozade go back to the original recipe

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Lucozade has recently changed their recipe of their energy drink, we would like this back, not just before we don’t like the taste of the new recipe but because of the amount of people the old one helped.

 Not many people might know but anyone with type 1 diabetes if there blood sugar goes below a certain level they could die, many people with type 1 diabetes used to use the original Lucozade to bring up there blood sugar levels to a normal level, but with the new recipe it just does not do the job, making people revert to other foods that don’t work as well as the original Lucozade recipe did.

 I am not making this petition for me I am making it for the approximately 14,000 people living in Ireland that has to live with type 1 diabetes and how the original recipe helped them with their sugar levels

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