Lucas' Law STOP Child Abuse

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Our group, "Lucas's Law getting it started" would like to change the laws nationwide to protect innocent children, like Lucas Hernandez, from child abuse in Lucas's case death.

This is just the beginning stages.  

1. We would like to see DCF and Law Enforcement be held accountable for their decisions when called for a welfare check.  We would like to see all calls responded to in a timely manner without notifying first, just show up. Documentation in detail, photo of their visit from beginning to end.  If they suspect ANY kind of abuse the child should be removed immediately and FIRST give a family member (try to keep the child as comfortable as possible without uprooting them in a negative way)the option to keep the child/children until the investigation is over.  If there is not a family member, the child/children be removed and put in State custody until a thorough investigation is complete.  DCF employees need to be held accountable!

2. Any healthcare, Educator or Daycare is mandated to turn in ANY signs or suspected child abuse to authorities immediately!  They as well, are mandated to document everything from beginning to end.

3.  The abuser needs to be held accountable. 

4. The said child can be questioned without a parent present ONLY if you see signs of abuse.  You cannot in any way harass the child or make them feel uncomfortable.

5. There needs to be a set age as to when a child can be left home alone, a phone needs to be left with the child in case of emergency. 

This is a start to our goal.  Keep in mind we can edit at any time!