Charges & Violations rights for abused, abandoned & dumped animals!

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I'm petitioning animal rights, I want Lubbock County to see the major problem people have created! Dogs & Cats being abused and neglected daily, it's a never ending battle & the abuse, dog fighting, abandonment, neglect, starvation, recycling & dumping of animals has to stop yesterday! It's a real problem, animal abandonment & abuse deserve to be treated as a crime, a violation of helpless animals, their lives are at stake. Pet owners moving away & relocating in different homes, with not a worry in the world, leaving these helpless animals to suffer behind to roam lose & starve, meanwhile the owners could care less, people that move away and abandon, should be charged with animal cruelty & punished for their absolute immoral actions to the fullest extent of the law, putting a law into effect! A punishment / fine of $500 per abandoned animal! If we don't stand up for these animals who will, when will this STOP!!! IT'S A NEVER ENDING BATTLE! Chaining dogs to fences or yards is cruelty to an animal! Dogs & Cats should never be chained, making these animals feel helpless & terrified, they have no access to food, water or shelter, for God's sake they deserve to live happy & loved, chaining only makes them feel lonely & hopeless! A law in order to legalize a punishment / fine of $500, per animal!

Neglecting pets is another issue! People neglect pets on a daily basis! They neglect vet care, immunizations, rabie shots, they leave pets to roam the streets without adequate protection from danger on busy streets and highways! Dogs & cats are found in every corner deceased, due to being hit & killed in an instance! Dogs & cats being shot & tortured because of neglect! Why should a dog have to search for food and water daily to survive,  while owners decide to live happy lives and go on about their busy lives! Why should people be allowed to have pets without proper fencing or any fencing for that matter! The truth is people don't give a damn! They are heartless and cruel, so I think its only fair to punish/ fine of $500 per animal that people are caught owning  with no vaccinations, that are not registered through the county properly, each dog must be registered to Lubbock county as proper ownership of animals to be able to identify where the neglect of animals start! Do you think it's fair to find a roaming dog, searching for survival, hungry & starving, sick without any vaccinations, only to find its been shot or killed by a car, because you didn't have a fence & were to busy to care for that animal to begin with! In reality this dog, this cat, never had a chance of life! 

Dog fighting, abuse and starvation is a huge problem in Lubbock county, we have to do better as a community to help these animals at risk! Dog baiting for dog fighting is nothing more than heartless, disgusting people out there! To see a dog scared that has managed to escape, full of fear, wanting love and affection, yet they won't come close for rescue because they are afraid for their lives or just throwing in dogs & cats as dog bait to teach them how to fight and kill! Just the thought of a puppy or kitten, being shredded to pieces, being devoured & killed for a thrill, is disgusting & sickening! Starvation of dogs, so they can shred & devour an innocent animal in seconds because they are so hungry! Dog fighting, teaching dogs to attack & kill their very own species! Dogs attacking each other, in dog fighting rings, placing bets on dogs to earn grotesque money, abusing the dogs or even killing them after losing a fight, beating them until their very breath & will to be happy is taken from them! Being burned, barely alive or shot, because that dog just cost the owner $200 measly dollars! That is of coarse if the losing dog survives! The chances of being killed in a dog fight, imagine how much pain that dog just went through, piece by piece of it's flesh being torn out & chewed up! And the owners get a fabulous thrill & laugh of what dog was so sadly killed, talking about,  see you next week,  same time! A punishment/ fine of $5,000 per dog abused & killsd per proof of ownership, registering the dog, through Lubbock County would confirm ownership, on top of dog fighting punishment for a full year of incarceration! Per dog ownership! It's time to crack down these heartless people that have created the problem to begin with!

Recycling & backyard breeders should be punished/ fine of $500 per dog! Pet owners must have their pets SPADE OR NEUTERED ! As a pet owner dog must be registered through Lubbock county to stop the very problem of creating more animals to danger & death! Is the money more important than the life of an awesome animal that only wanted love & affection and in return their loyalty and trust! 

Dumping dogs in county roads, parks, fields should be punished/ fine $500 per animal that people/person get caught dumping! Dogs are not disposable trash, they are supposed to be man's best friend,  they should have the chance of graceful & loving living! Dumping dogs to find them dead on the side of the road, corner or picked up for animal bait! Registering animals creates an opportunity for Lubbock county & starts an end to all the animal madness that happens daily! 

I petition to create a Law, that will stop animal cruelty once and for all! To punish & fine every unfit pet owner to the fullest upmost extent of the law that is found guilty of charges! 

Please join me in signing a petition to save every single animal we can, together we fight until justice is in order and done! Animal rights within Lubbock, Tx ( Lubbock county) if we petition together our county, our community and our animals will be safer, better & honored! Help me fight this war against animal cruelty that people have created & some how forgotten their morals and responsibilities towards helpless frightened dogs, cats ( animals) That a Law be created to protect every animal out there on every corner, every field, every diet road! 

Lubbock County , Lubbock, Tx, respectfully we ask that you please help us create a law that will be successful in saving animal lives & successfully stop the very over populated County we so dearly love! We stand United against abuse, abandonment, neglect, starvation, recycling, dumping & dog fighting!

Thank you, I hope to create a law that will end this never ending story! A law that will successfully help Lubbock county in the future! God bless!