Save Schmidt

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Mr. Schmidt has been a teacher at Lake Travis High School for years. He is a loved teacher who passionately teaches his students, engaging them and keeping them entertained in a hard subject. He teaches a number of advanced courses and college courses that are all possible due to his great teaching.

Without Mr. Schmidt his hundreds of students would be forced to learn college material independently drastically making the class harder, and less enticing to new and old students.

On top of all this, the reason why Mr. Schmidt is being terminated is due to his denied application for remote teaching. Mr. Schmidt needs to participate in remote teaching due to his family being severely immunocompromised, and the school has forced him into a position of choosing between his families lives, and his job and passion as an educator.

This petition is not asking for the impossible, in fact, its only asking for the status quo to remain. All we want is for Mr. Schmidt to continue to teach us remotely. Hundreds of his students are already being taught this way. All we ask is for his request for remote teaching to be reviewed again, and hopefully to be accepted until COVID is over.

Most importantly, there is evidence of COVID vaccines coming in the 4th quarter of 2020 or the first quarter of 2021.

Please, save one of the best and most passionate educators at LTHS, times like these are when our community needs him the most.