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Pass the law to make speed limiters on busses, trucks and PUVs mandatory.

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Another 23 people dead. Just a few weeks before there were 6 or 7 killed––or was it 12? Who is counting anyway? Because by the time this petition gets noticed by the authorities, that figure could easily double. Triple even. No, this is not some killer typhoon or horrific natural disaster we’re talking about; this is far worse… 

I’m referring to grossly irresponsible bus drivers and the heartless companies that employ them. And if this last Skyway accident is not enough reason to completely shut down the privatization of bus companies, then the next accident is no longer the driver's fault but the the fault of the people who grant them the license to operate such a barbaric system. 

As it is now, with the boundary system and no speed limiters, the system is like the hunger games. And still, nothing is done.

Funny, they will ban hammers from malls, but for some reason, not a thing is done about these speeding busses that are used as deadly weapons on our roads, despite the fact that if you look at the local figures, bus accidents have claimed or ruined more lives than any terrorist attack has on Philippine soil over the last 5 years. Go ahead, add it up. 

And the worst part is I’m only referring to the avoidable ones. If it weren’t for grammatical purposes, I wouldn’t even call them accidents – but it’s pretty hard to get your point across by calling them bus purposefuls. 

And the common thread in all of this has been speed––busses racing with one another for passengers, or pride, or ego, or fun, or for some perverse point to prove. And it has got to stop. 

First things first, install mandatory speed limiters on each and every public or private bus in the country. This is not new technology, nor is it expensive, but it could solve over 90 percent of this problem. It is currently used in most European cars to electronically limit them to 250km/h, and could be done here to restrict our busses plying EDSA to 50 km/h. Provincial busses, especially those running on the North Expressway, could be given an 80 km/h limit.

I think we can all agree that the soft approach doesn’t work for these erring bus drivers that seem to spawn other toothless killers in the thousands, and taint the name of those who are genuinely trying to earn an honest living So treat them like the animals that they are and cage them with technology. 

I’m not trying to generalize by saying every single bus driver is evil and will eventually drive his passengers into an early grave, but those that aren’t won’t have a problem with this technology anyway.


For a complete video demonstration on how speed limiters work, how they are installed, how much they cost, plus an interview with the largest speed limiter manufacturer in the world, go to 


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