Not To Ban PMD in Singapore

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To not ban PMD as it is one of the lower income source of transportations and ricebowl (food delivery). The PMD itself does not have any effect on the situation but it is the user that we should pay more attention to. Irresponsible users should be fairly deal with rather than pointing fingers to ALL users. 

And focus more on the USERS WHO IS UNDERAGE AND IMPOSE SOME ACTION TOWARDS THEM RATHER THAN THE ONE WHO IS USING PMD AS RICEBOWL. PMD is a safe vehicle and eco friendly if the user never do modifications on their vehicle. Its the same as people driving a car and do modifications. Its not fair for us PMD USER to be blame. Please join me and the others to stop Banning PMD in Singapore. Thank you guys for all your effort in making this petition happen. Cheers and ride safe to all the riders. Dont forget to stay under the speed limit and follow the law. 



Once this petition reaches 50k i will send an email to LTA to review this matter. Thanks everyone for the support