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Lt. Jeffrey Doyle, Mayor John Marks, and City Commissioners: Do NOT trap cats at Northpoint Apartment Complex at Northpoint Ct.

We formally request the City of Tallahassee Animal Control NOT trap the cats in the Northpoint Apartment complex on Northpoint Ct. and Northpoint Ln. in Tallahassee, Florida. The cats at the Northpoint Apartment complex are part of a controlled, maintained feral colony. Trapping and killing those cats is a waste of taxes and City of Tallahassee resources.

Mr. Carson, a resident of the complex, has worked diligently with It’s Meow or Never for Ferals, Inc. of Tallahassee.  Mr. Carson and IMON volunteers have trapped, neutered/spayed, vaccinated, and returned (TNR) 25 cats. They found homes for six of them and returned the other nineteen, which Mr. Carson now cares for. Thus far, 85-90 % of the colony has been vaccinated and surgically rendered infertile and the the remaining 10-15% are scheduled to be TNRed.  Mr. Carson and volunteers have spent nearly $2000 in vet bills and other costs out of our own pockets and spent dozens of hours of manpower to TNR this colony.

On Thursday, October 5, 2012, the new property manager informed Mr. Carson that she called Animal Control to trap and remove the cats.

Because they are feral and will be deemed “unadoptable”, the cats that are trapped by Animal Control will be killed within 24 hours.

For the following reasons, we formally request that Animal Control of Tallahassee NOT trap the cats at Northpoint Apartment complex on Northpoint Ct. and Northpoint Ln. in Tallahassee, Florida:

• The colony is a controlled feral colony. The cats have been vaccinated and neutered. There is a caregiver who monitors and maintains the colony;  any additions to the colony will also be TNRed.
• Scientific research and decades of history have proven that trapping and killing cats wastes time, taxpayers’ money, and resources. It is not an effective or humane means of controlling or decreasing cat populations. Scientific research has proven that when nonbreeding cats, such as those in a controlled TNR colony like the one at Northpoint, are taken from an area and killed, the area is then quickly repopulated by breeding cats who continue the endless, useless, expensive cycle of trapping and killing.
• TNR is proven to reduce cat populations in an area over time.
• TNR is proven to decrease “undesirable” behavior by cats such as fighting, yowling, and roaming.

We ask that the City of Tallahassee Animal Services NOT trap and kill cats, especially those who are members of a managed feral colony. We formally request that Animal Control of Tallahassee, Florida NOT trap the cats in the Northpoint Apartment complex as it is not a fiscally sound way for the City of Tallahassee to use tax dollars.


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