Allow families to see loved ones in nursing homes, currently isolated, because of pandemic

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We bring to your attention the current crisis for all individuals residing in nursing homes and in health care facilities who have had very stern restrictions imposed resulting in the lack of, or no face-to-face interaction with their loved ones and continual deprivation of the basic and essential need to visit and be able to hug their loved ones.  This population of vulnerable individuals whose main goal for our health care system is to protect and keep safe, are the same individuals who are emotionally failing to thrive as a result of these very same regulations imposed by our health care system.   Does this make sense?

This pandemic has caused great hardship for all, especially for those most vulnerable.   Your efforts to vaccinate these individuals are recognized and commended.  We thank you for your efforts to protect them.  After one extremely difficult year, they need to be allowed to live for whatever time they have remaining on this earth to be surrounded by family and friends.

We ask for you to address and relax the restrictions currently imposed on nursing homes.  Many of the residents have received their vaccines and are protected.  We are those loved ones who agonize every day watching our beloved family members deteriorate mentally and physically, who have, by no choice of their own, been left without a voice.  They need to be heard now more than ever.  As family members and friends, the love provided with the essential human element of touch is vital to their lives, especially now—having been isolated from their family for nearly one year.  These individuals have worked long and hard their entire lives.  Why should they be without their families when they need them the most at the end of their lives?    

Data is continually available documenting individuals who have lost their lives as a result of COVID-19, often dying alone without their loved ones by their side.  This is such a sad phenomenon.  We are so afraid that the next phase of this pandemic will be these vulnerable individuals dying, not from COVID-19, but from the lack of human touch and the absence of face-to-face visitation with their loved ones.

Please, we implore you to relax the restrictions so that family members are allowed to visit and be able to kiss and hug their loved ones once again--before it's too late!