Rescind the Acceptance of racist Drew Dollar into LSU

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Recently, an incoming freshman, Drew Dollar, posted an instagram story where he yells, "I hate n*****s." Despite LSU being made aware over twitter of his horrible statement, the official response reads as follows:

"To be clear, we at LSU condemn hate and bigotry in any form, including racially incendiary remarks. As a state university, however, we are subject to constitutional limitation on our ability to take action in response to free speech. More:"

The following is an excerpt from that link:

"We, the administrators and leaders of LSU, are firmly committed to the full respect of all members of our community. We will work to eliminate barriers that any members of our community experience. Ours is an inclusive community that is welcoming and supportive of all students, faculty, staff and guests. Diversity is fundamental to LSU's mission and the university is committed to creating and maintaining a living and learning environment that embraces individual difference."

It is clear to anyone that the remarks made by Drew Dollar are not inclusive or welcoming to an entire race, yet LSU is allowing his remarks to fly by with no consequence. They claim it is in the name of "free speech," but this is hate speech, not free speech. Though in the US there is no legal definition for such, this type of conduct is defined in the LSU Bias or Discrimination section of their CARES reporting system. There, it states reporting Bias or Discrimination is based on "If you witness or experience conduct that discriminates, stereotypes, marginalizes, excludes, harasses or harms anyone in our community based on their identity (such as race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, age or religion) please report it to the University." Drew Dollar clearly made discriminatory remarks against African Americans, thus falling within discrimination based on race. 

It is unacceptable for a university like LSU to stand for inclusion and diversity while staying silent on a clearly racist remark made by an incoming student. It is especially dangerous because Drew is aiming to go into the medical field, an area which already has massive discrimination as is clearly evident in the Louisiana COVID death numbers being disproportionately higher for African Americans. To allow things of this nature to be said with no repercussions by the university is gross and shows incompetence in the administration. 

During the Black Lives Matter movement, many universities nationwide have taken a solid stand against racism, including resending admission to many incoming students on the basis of racist remarks and actions. To allow a future student to make racist remarks and do absolutely nothing other than "strongly condemn it" shows clearly that LSU does not truly care about the safety and wellbeing of all of its students.

LSU is only interested in making statements, not taking a stand. 

The LSU community demands not only for the admission of Drew Dollar to be rescinded, but that of any student who makes racist and hateful remarks towards a protected class. We also demand that LSU revise its Code of Student Conduct to very clearly prohibit discrimination and hate towards any protected class. 

It is impossible to stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement without making structural changes that address issues of racism and discrimination. If LSU truly stands for the movement and for the comfort and safety of its black students, more has to be done. Any less is failing the entire community.