Lower House Prices for People in Ontario

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House prices in Ontario have sky rocketed out of control to the point where no one will ever be able to afford to ever own a house anymore.  This is so unfair to us young people in our early to late 20's, what about the teenagers and pre-teens growing up in this world as well. I don't want to bring children into a world where all they can afford is to rent for the rest of their life's. This is ridiculous and is so unfair to the Canadians who have worked themselves to the end of the rope and who still can't get anywhere because of how ridiculous our government is. We have been Canadians who have been here since day one and we can't even afford to buy a place we can go home to at the end of the day and call it ours. It is sad that our government keeps letting prices rise beyond the limit and it doesn't look like they will go down any time soon. 

From BuzzBuzzHomes:  

Although the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) saw a 17 per cent year-over-year increase in new listings last month, total new listings were the second lowest for the month of January in the past 10 years. Meantime, new listings in Metro Vancouver dropped 8.3 per cent in January compared to a year ago.
With both markets continuing to face low supply, prices could be pushed upwards this year.

“When you have weak supply responses, as you do in these markets, prices have nowhere to go but up. Alleviating these pressures lies in finding ways to increase supply and that is a shared job for jurisdictions at all levels,” writes Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) deputy chief economist Aled ab lorweth, in a statement. 

 Action needs to be taken!!!!!!!

I'm calling on our government to take a look at these scoring prices again and to actually do something better this time. We need you to look at all the cities, from Toronto to the Durham Region. Why can't first time home buyers have an incentive? We grew up on this land so why are you going to push us away from Canada? You need to make house prices more affordable again, It is not fair you are making it so difficult for us to afford a home!!!! 



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