Oppose the Collier Sand Plant in Kingsland

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For those of you in the Kingsland area who don’t already know Collier Materials is at it again. Doing their best to destroy our beautiful Hill Country landscape, while making millions off of a public resource and offering pennies to the county. Sandy Creek was able to stop them so now Collier is coming for Lake LBJ. They are planning a sand plant on the ranch behind Comanche Rancherias. Literally in our back yard. This ranch is one of the most beautiful Texas heritage ranches around. The particular site hosts one of the last remaining coves untouched by humans at the base of Packsaddle Mountain. They will be dredging in the Llano River using dredging barges. Constantly churning the Llano arm keeping it muddy year-round, ruining fish habitat and water quality for us all. Say goodbye to white bass season. If you are for the industrialization of Lake LBJ I encourage you to do some research. It will not be good for your property values anywhere on the lake especially the Llano arm. Ask Llano river owners how this worked out for them. To stop this gross misuse of a public resource we need the LCRA, TCEQ, TPWD , and Llano County to oppose the plan. NOTE: DONATIONS THROUGH CHANGE.ORG DO NOT COME TO OUR ORGANIZATION