Stop the Loveland Garage

Stop the Loveland Garage

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Started by Loveland Compact

In May of 2019 the Loveland, Ohio City Council voted via emergency (no public input allowed) to purchase land that was going to be used to build a parking facility. Since that purchase the Loveland, Ohio City Council has had no public hearings on the want or need for a garage and has conducted no scientific studies, traffic, environmental, etc, to show the need for the parking garage. To date the Loveland, Ohio City Council has not informed the public of how much the taxpayers of the city will have to pay for a project they had no say in. It is estimated that the garage would cost millions of taxpayer dollars and there have been no revenue projections or maintenance costs of the garage made available to the public.

This is not how our money should be spent.

Before building an unnecessary and expensive parking garage, we believe the Loveland, Ohio City Council should first:

Create a Parking Committee and choose people with diverse opinions. 

Commission a parking survey and traffic study to define the problem. 

Ensure environmental concerns have been addressed with an impact study.

Analyze the financial impact of downtown business on Loveland’s overall operations. Would a garage alter that? What is our return on investment? 

Task the Parking Committee to develop a variety of options to address any parking shortfalls.    

Share this information with residents BEFORE decisions are made and encourage two-way communication. 

Include this data and resident input in a long-range, all-encompassing plan to tackle parking and traffic for today and into the future.

Finally, if the council decides the parking garage is still the answer, then put it on a referendum and let the residents decide. 

145 have signed. Let’s get to 200!