Please list your subtitled rental DVDs and subtitle your streamed content!

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Last year, over 15 thousand people signed the petition to ask LOVEFiLM to make their services accessible to people with Hearing Loss. Since then, they have rebranded to Amazon Prime Video. They claim that they are "working on the situation". A claim they have been making for several years. They refuse to provide a timescale, record of progress or firm commitment to making their services accessible. 

Amazon UK needs to fix this problem and fast. I’m calling on them to make a commitment to people with hearing loss and pledge, not only to fix the problem, but to set a clear timetable of when we can start to see improvements to the service.

At the same time Amazon has revamped LOVEFiLM’s DVD rental website. It’s great that finally, for some of the films, we can now see if they have subtitles before deciding to rent - but for hundreds of other DVD titles, there's still a question mark about accessibility.

That’s why I’m continuing to call on LOVEFiLM & Amazon to provide subtitling information for ALL of their films.

We won't give up. As paying customers, we demand the same services as everyone else has and what our American peers enjoy. 

New name, same poor service!

New name, same old excuses!

People with hearing loss in the US can watch subtitled content.

Why can't  the over 10 million people with hearing loss in the UK?

 Please help me to get Amazon UK to improve their service for people with hearing loss!

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