Say No to a Plastic Lining at Brockwell Lido!

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Swimmers at Brockwell Lido are alarmed that a plan is in place to install a plastic pool lining, fundamentally changing the swimming experience and the look of this iconic feature. It will require the closure of the pool for months from September 2019.

We call on all those who share our love for the lido to petition Fusion, Brockwell Lido Steering Group and Brockwell Lido Users Group to reconsider this plan and instead look to work with the historic fabric of the pool.

The justification for this work, as outlined in the submitted planning application, is largely focused on 'modernising' the pool. This is despite the fact that Brockwell Lido is a grade II listed building, and its appeal lies in the preservation of its original features.   

Anyone who swims in Brockwell Lido knows that it is a magical experience; it gives you a small sense of the wild even in the middle of London. Looking down at the floor of the pool as you swim does not need to be a sanitised experience. Unfortunately the pool has been allowed to become rather dirty of late, but this is merely down to the fact that it has not been regularly cleaned, and should not be confused as justification for needing a plastic lining. 

At a time when we need to consider our environmental impact we should do everything we can to avoid investing in huge swathes of plastic.

We believe that it is vital that every effort is made to keep the original pool lining so as to preserve the swimming experience that distinguishes Brockwell from a regular pool. It is a special place for many people and any plans to alter its appearance should be subjected to the highest possible scrutiny, and justification should be, just like our lido, watertight. We believe that the current plans fail on both counts, and therefore call on all lido users - and indeed anyone who believes in preserving heritage - to sign this petition.