Let the Love Islanders watch the World Cup

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Recently we were horrified to learn that the cast of Love Island are not allowed to watch the World Cup as part of the rules on not being allowed to know what is happening on the outside.(http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/love-island/news/a860585/love-island-contestants-banned-world-cup/ 

The World Cup has already provided so much drama, unexpected surprises and moments of pure footballing brilliance. On top of that, this is looking like the year that England's brave boys (Jordan P, Kyle, Danny R, Eric, John, Harry M, Jesse, Jordan H, Harry K, Raheem, Jamie, Kieran, Jack, Danny W, Gary, Phil, Fabian, Ashley, Marcus, Dele, Ruben, Trent, Nick, plus Gareth & Steve) could finally end our years of hurt by becoming world champions and bringing football home.

We believe that the World Cup is a joy that shouldn't be missed out on just because you want to go to the Villa to find true love. It would be cruel and inhumane to continue to deprive the Islanders of so much wonderful football. The World Cup is a human right.

We implore the bosses of ITV and FIFA to swiftly come to an agreement to bring an end to this dire state of affairs and let the boys & girls of Love Island watch the rest of this magical and thrilling World Cup. 

God save the Queen.