Don't Stop at Middleton: Remove ALL 14 Racist Names From LSU Facilities NOW

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Every LSU student should feel proud of the accomplishments of their LSU predecessors. In creating a more welcoming campus environment, the LSU administration should first take action to remove the names of ALL 14 racists, among them slavers, Confederates, mass murderers, segregationists, and a Governor who disenfranchised 99% of Black voters in Louisiana. LSU should replace their names with the names of 14 individuals in LSU's history who exemplify the highest academic achievements and moral character, and who better reflect the faces of LSU’s student population. This symbolic action will demonstrate LSU's ongoing commitment to living up to its espoused values of justice, equality, and compassion.

Facilities named after the 14 racists: P.G.T. Beauregard Hall, David F. Boyd Hall, Murphy J. Foster Hall, George Mason Graham Tiger Tower, Andrew Jackson Hall, William Preston Johnston Hall, Edmund Kirby Smith Hall, Samuel H. Lockett Hall, Troy H. Middleton Library, James William Nicholson Hall, James William Nicholson Gateway Apartments, John M. Parker Coliseum, William C. Stubbs Hall, and Zachary Taylor Hall.

14 deserving individuals who could replace the racists: Kirt Bennett, Ollie H. Burns, Richard Evans, Pinkie Gordon Lane, Antonio Guell, Charles E. Harrington, T.J. Jemison, Ernest N. Morial, Lutrill Payne Sr., Pearl Henry Payne, Kerry Pourciau, Dolores Richard Spikes, Sadie Roberts-Joseph, and Devon T. Wade.

The LSU Board of Supervisors has already committed to voting to rename Middleton Library when they next meet on June 19th. One building is NOT ENOUGH. Sign this petition to put pressure on them to remove the names of ALL 14 racists.