Help make animal cruelty a felony in the state of Louisiana

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Im asking for your help today, not for my benefit but for those who can not speak up for themselves. I started this petition for stricter animal abuse laws in the state of Louisiana.

Before I left Richmond VA there was a dog name Tommie, he was tied to a fence, doused with accelerant, and then lit on fire. First responders were able to get to Tommie in time to put the fire out and get him to help but five days later it was too much for poor Tommie to handle and he passed away. Richmond was my home for thirty years and I never saw it rally around something as much as I saw it fight for Tommie. The memorial events for him grew so large the city ended up scheduling multiple events on multiple days. Five days after Tommies death, Tommie's Law was passed unanimously through the Virginia House and Senate and was delivered to the governors desk and signed into law. 

Recently in New Orleans East on a remote part of Michoud Blvd remains of several charred dogs were found. This opened up all the pain of the past for me. If Richmond VA can rally together on such a heartbreaking story to make a change, I know Louisiana can do the same. 

Join me in asking our elected officials to adopt Virginia's Tommie's Law or lets work together as a community and establish the Remedy Against Animal Abuse Act.