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Louis Vuitton is well known for luxury products at expensive prices. The company continues to use fur despite the known cruelty and despite protests from caring consumers around the world. The company has revealed in the past that all Louis Vuitton’s fur derives from fur farms. As most of us know, fur farms are among the cruellest establishments in the entire world. Mink, foxes, chinchilla and many other animals are kept in tiny cages for their entire lives, often being unable to perform the simplest of physical and social requirements. Once animals are deemed fit for slaughter, they face an excruciating death from being skinned alive to being anally electrocuted. All animals on fur farms suffer tremendously.

Louis Vuitton’s parent company, Moet Hennessey Louis Vuitton (LVMH) owns numerous fashion houses including Donna Karan, Fendi , Marc Jacobs and Pucci all of which use fur in their collections. This petition is asking 6 of Louis Vuitton’s biggest shareholders to stand up for animals and pressure Louis Vuitton to discontinue it’s use of fur. 

This petition is part of a joint campaign by Action for our Planet (AFOP). Organisations supporting the campaign include: Animal Rights Action Network Ireland (ARAN), Vegan Peace, Our Compass, Dieren Belangen, Two Happy Vegans and the International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC).


Letter to
BMO Guardian Global Equity Fund
Thornburg Investment Management
Bridgecreek Investment Management
and 3 others
Scout Investment Advisors
Imaxx Global Equity Growth Fund
Aperio Group
While Louis Vuitton is renowned for luxury goods, the thought of Louis Vuitton selling fur discourages many from buying any LVMH products. Your company which has investments in Louis Vuitton’s parent company; Moet Hennessey Louis Vuitton (LVMH) is actually funding the cruel fur trade. Louis Vuitton has confessed before that all of the fur it uses derives from fur farms, the cruellest and most inhumane method of raising and killing animals. Animals are bred into a life of confinement in cages with barely enough room to move. Moreover, many of these animals will experience physical and psychological problems that can result in self-mutilation and premature death.

Regardless of what country the fur farm is located in, all animals suffer an agonizing death. Fur farmers employ horrific slaughter methods including: anal electrocution, strangulation, skinning alive, gassing, bludgeoning and beating to death. After an animal has been skinned alive, it is carelessly thrown into a pile with other skinned animals and may take many hours to die.

No fur farms are ethical as fur pelts are piled into groups depending on their colour. Thus, the fur from the farms adopting slightly less cruel practices and the fur from farms severely harming their animals will be mixed into each fur coat.

I would also like to add that fur farming is not eco-friendly as Louis Vuitton and many fur farmers claim. In order to preserve a fur from decaying, furriers spray the fur with toxic chemicals such as the chemical formaldehyde. By spraying these chemicals, fifteen times more pollution is created than in the production of faux fur. To add to this, millions of pounds of animal excretion either seep or are dumped into waterways, having drastic effects on the ecology of the waterway.

As you are one of Louis Vuitton’s shareholders/ mutual fund holders, you have the power to greatly influence the decisions of LVMH by asking them to discontinue their use of fur. By doing so you can help end the suffering of millions of animals on fur farms around the world and can follow the lead of other designers by creating faux fur alternatives. Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, recently said ‘‘fake fur changed so much and became so great now that you can hardly see the difference’’.

Thank you for your time.

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