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Petitioning Mayor of Port Orange Florida Allen Green, Florida state legislation dog on dog attacks and 3 others

Louie's Law- providing a safe place for pets to live; enforcement for dog on dog attacks

My 2 little dogs and I were taking a walk when a pit bull attacked us and killed my pomeranian. No one was held accountable. The owner was only cited for no leash, no license, and no vacinations. Nothing regarding the death of my dog. Enforcement and animal control treated the incident as nothing more than road kill that I was responsible for disposing of the body. Animal contol never even took the dog for 10 day quarantine when the dog was cited for no vaccines. This community was a pit restricted community the landlord was not held responsible because I could not even get an attorney to represent me. After calling animal control for the second time ensuring vaccines were complied with they didn't even follow up on it. I was stated to me if the citation was not complied with they would ony cite them another citation. They could do nothing more until the pit bull would bite, maul or kill a person. Our pets need to be protected with the law too. They are a part of our families. The murder of our pets create just as much anguish, despair, and devastation.

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