Loughborough Grammar Response to Racism

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We, the undersigned, note the recent multiple accounts of horrifying racial abuse suffered by Black students at Loughborough Grammar School. Evidently, not only did LGS create and uphold an environment in which racism and racist behaviour could thrive, but they also entirely failed to respond appropriately when this behaviour was reported. This is utterly unacceptable. 

We call on LGS to issue a full apology to the victims of this horrifying abuse, to provide appropriate material reparations for the abuse they suffered while under your care, and to support them in seeking justice and ensuring that their abusers face appropriate consequences.

However responding to these isolated incidents is not sufficient;  we further call on LGS and LES to make significant and lasting changes in their policy and culture. These changes will require both funding and sustained commitment, but we are certain that the school does not lack the resource to address this. Evidently policies on reported incidents of racism need to be completely rewritten, in collaboration with both trained professionals in incident reporting and past and present students of colour. The school also needs to address the culture and structures which allow racism to flourish on campus. The school needs to fund and commission sustained and comprehensive education and training around race, racism and anti-racist action for both staff and students to ensure that the school's culture changes and that racist attitudes and actions are addressed and made explicitly unacceptable. In addition, extensive mechanisms of support for students of colour need to be put in place, to recognise the hostile and unsafe environment which the school upholds. Again, these should be developed in conversation with both existing best practice and past and present students of colour. Finally, the school should consider thoroughly reforming and decolonising their curriculum, starting with the resources made available by The Black Curriculum, to ensure that the contexts and histories of racism in the UK are universally known and understood within the school.