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Don't Kill Bob!

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We adopted Bob as a puppy about 4 years ago.  

Last September, Bob got away from his 73 year old Grandma after she tripped and fell and "went after" a small dog. The owner of the little dog put her hand down to pick up her dog and got a small cut on her thumb, but no one knows if it was from Bob or her own dog and a cut across her palm from her own retractable leash. The A/C officer told us there was no need to pursue our rights or go to the hearing because  the judge would not even want to hear what we had to say and would just go on her recommendations. We needed to register Bob as a dangerous dog.  We did all the dangerous dog requirements because we thought that was what we needed to do. We didn't know we could fight for his and our rights at that time.

That was a huge mistake!  

Because, we are now finding out that means any incident no matter how small following a dangerous dog label is a sentence to death for our Bob.

All was going well. Until last week. Someone was walking his dog by our back fence that is marked with dangerous dogs signs and chained shut. Bob had been amped up recently due to a den of foxes nearby. We had sounded an alert to A/C, they told us they weren't going to do anything about them unless they started to look really scraggly or sick.  Bob somehow got under the gate and jumped up on the man knocking him down as he was picking up his dog  and grabbed his dog's leg. The man punched Bob several times in the head and got a small scratch on his hand from punching, not a bite. He called the police and an ambulance. Paramedic said it was nothing, and didn't require any further medical attention.

Animal Control seized Bob and told us that we had to surrender him or his Grandma, who is his registered owner, could go to jail and face severe fines. 

We thought we had no choice.  

Upon speaking to friends and learning of the discrepancies between what A/C told us and what our rights actually are, we contacted The Lexus Project. They have graciously taken our case and found our Bob a lawyer to fight for his right to live and hopefully to come home to us.

My husband's physician wrote a letter stating that Bob is his emotional support dog and taking him away could have devastating effects to his emotions and health in general.    

We are not laying blame whatsoever at the feet of these owners, but they put themselves in the middle of the dogs and there is no proof that Bob caused any injury.  

In the mean time, Bob sits in Animal control and we are not even allowed to visit.  We were intimidated into giving our rights away over and over and are completely devastated.  We recently got the Director of Animal Control to reverse the surrender order giving us our day in court. 

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