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Please do your job and BRING MAX HOME IMMEDICATELY!

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NOT ONLY did Loudoun Co VA send illegally SEIZE my service dog, but “three” different judges denied me/lawyer to submit any evidence that would prove my disabilities and innocence, therefore; I was TRIED as a NON-DISABLED PERSON, found GUILTY and the courts ordered Max to be PUT DOWN or ADOPTED OUT depending on animal controls evaluation.  

THAT’S RIGHT AMERICA, I’m a 51 yr. old male who suffers from multiple physical and mental disabilities (such as dementia, a degenerative bone disease which causes the joints in my body to disintegrate , respiratory and breathing conditions, 30 operations, complications from surgeries, a doctor left a drug resistant bacterial infection go untreated in me for 3 months that caused even more problems and numerous other conditions), that exceed the requirements under 42 US Code § 12102 , therefore, I am covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and I require a service dog, Max, an 18 lb CKC registered Miniature Doberman Pincher (due to my types of disabilities I needed a small dog).

This all happened to my because Loudoun Co refuses to comply with the “revised 2010 ADA regulations on service dogs” that implemented the ADA, for Title II (State and local government services) on September 15, 2010 and have an effective date (became law) on March 15, 2011, (that is over 3 years ago) and it should be noted that Fairfax Co, Loudoun’s neighbor is in compliance

These requirements, or rules, clarify and refine issues that have arisen over the past 20 years and contain new and updated requirements; in other words, they brought service dog regulations into the 21st century 

 …and because of “my types of disabilities & the tasks Max performs”, I have to walk him “off-leash”, when we are out for any length of time,  providing he is trained on verbal commands, WHICH the above ADA regulations allow me to, therefore, I AM NOT IN VIOLATION OF ANY LAWS.

Otherwise, Max is in an approved carrier when we are on the metro or bus and if we have to go into crowds, he is on a loose leash that can be dropped in needed.

                    Max isn’t just my service dog, he's my Guardian Angel

With Max, I can function independently, I am not afraid to go anywhere because I know that he will get me home safe and Without Max, I am a shut-in.

I have ridden metro for almost 3 hours before realizing it, I can’t cook because I forget about it and burns, I have a neighbor come over to make sure I take my medications, I have blindly walked into traffic, I have fallen and laid there for hours in the January cold, because I couldn’t get up or help, then ended up in the hospital with broken/bruised ribs.  THIS IS MY LIFE WITHOUT MAX and the tasks he is trained to do.  Especially with my dementia, WHEN my mind turns off, IT's his job to TURN it back on!

Why did Loudoun Co Chief Judge Dean Worcester, Judge Frank Buttery and Judge Gaylord Finch deny me a fair trial or allow me to prove I was disabled? 

At one point in the Circuit Court hearing, my lawyer stood up and asked for a "Mistrial”, stating “the court wouldn't allow him to defend his client properly”.

I filed a DOJ, “Tittle II Discrimination Complaint “, (7 pages, 14 exhibits) against everyone involved on October 18, 2013 with 3 updates.

US Senator Tim Kaine-D VA, wrote a letter on my behalf in January 2014, asking the DOJ to “expedite my complaintbecause it involved a service dog”.

DOJ, Chief Rebecca Bond, Disability Rights Section, replied on April 11, 2014 stating: “We have carefully reviewed … describe do not give sufficient detail of an issue that we are able to address", and didn’t even cc Senator Kaine, however, as of June 30th my complaint was still not logged into the DOJ’s system that is “11 months behind, so how did you review it, Chief Bond?

Loudoun Co committed numerous ADA violations and my civil rights.  

CHIEF Bond,it’s your job to write, enforce and sanction state and local governments who violate Tittle II ADA laws and regulations and Governor McAuliffe you should be ashamed of Loudoun Co for how they treated a disabled person.

AMERICA, THIS IS WHY I NEED YOUR HELP! I’ve been fighting the mam” for 11 months & ENOUGH, I need your HELP to Bring Max Home! 

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION, tell Chief Bond, her Director and VA Governor McAuliffe to do their jobs and “right this grave injustice” and Bring Max Home Immediately.

for a complete list of all documents, please go to (sorry I had to close the site, email me @ and i will send u any info you would like)

              Please help us and Thank you, Bill Selepack & Max




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