Losing the American Dream: Immigrant family from Holland being forced out of the country!

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Please Call your Congressman now and tell them to cosponsor the E2 Visa Improvement Act, HR 2124 to help the Mulder's and other families in this situation! www.callmycongress.com 

The Mulder family immigrated legally to the United States from Holland in 2001 on an E2 Investor Visa to achieve their dream of owning and operating a family dairy. They have been here ever since and have created a wonderful life. They are a hardworking, honest family, have supported the surrounding rural communities in many ways, pay taxes, provide jobs, have many friends and are productive citizens. They were even MN Farm Family of the Year in 2013.

Now that their sons are turning 21, they are being forced to make a decision. A decision that just isn't fair.

Garion, their oldest had to leave last summer and now Kelsey, their youngest must leave this summer when he turns 21. The type of visa they came here with does not allow a clear path to citizenship and forces the children out through a process known as “aging out”. Garion and Kelsey have been here since they were 3 & 2 years old. They had only briefly visited Holland since coming here and consider the United States as their country. They attended school, formed life-long friendships, worked on the family dairy and love the rural life.

Now, because their children will have to leave it no longer makes sense for their parents to stay. They built the dairy farm in the hopes of a better life and a dream of passing it on to their children someday. But because of a little-known clause in the E2 visa, one which they have worked with immigration lawyers on for many years trying to resolve, that dream will likely die without intervention.

This petition is drawing attention to the problem and we need to continue to fight to resolve the issues with the E2 Investment Visa. Provide a clear path to citizenship and protect the children from the “aging out” process.

There are so many families, not just the Mulder’s, affected by the problems with the E2 Investment Visa and there are others working on this issue.

There is another petition out there titled “Improve the Dream” and it answers the issues with the E2 Investment Visa through legislation. This legislation will help all of the children who are legally here by adding them to the Dream Act and the DACA program. They already meet the criteria and we need to make that happen!

To make this happen we need to keep these petitions going so that our government hears us and legislation happens!

Please sign our petition and then go to the second petition and read the information they provide and listen to the wonderful video and sign their petition. I have included the link for that petition below.

This family and many others deserve to stay in America.

Let's fight for them!

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Here is the link to the other petition “Improve the Dream” Please consider signing it:


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A candidate for U.S. Senator in Maine calls for President Trump to help the Mulder's in his announcement speech (Starts around the 3:21 mark)