Save our AP Physics C Mechanics Program at LGHS!


Save our AP Physics C Mechanics Program at LGHS!

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Luca Bommarito started this petition to Los Gatos High School and

UPDATE: Please Read!

Physics C Mechanics is likely returning.

In the previous few days, I have found out that there is a lot going on regarding the decision in the science department, and there is more to the situation than I and others have known. I thank you all for your support of the class, but I would like everyone to understand that the underlying reasons for the change in classes are more complex than simply removing a class. There is a lesson to be learned here to restrain our reactions and our actions until we truly understand both sides of the story. I reacted a bit too quickly in creating this petition without understanding the gravity of the situation.

I would like to apologize for creating a petition that was in part, emotionally charged, as many here have lost a class dear to us.

Though I do still appreciate everyone's support of the class -as altogether, the class brought us amazing memories and taught us a lot- as signers, we must understand that the school board knows more about the situation than us.

Please do not contact the school board, science department, or Mrs. Grasty angrily or violently or without thought of your words.
I love Physics C Mechanics, and through this petition over 300 have showed their passion as well. The school is well aware of our solid support, but from here, I believe it is not in our hands to shape what happens next.

Thank you all for your support of Physics C Mechanics. To all who have signed, we just have to see what happens from here.




We, students of Los Gatos High School, plead to our administration with great sincerity, to continue offering AP Physics C Mechanics at Los Gatos High School.

It was brought to our attention that the Los Gatos Saratoga Union High School District has decided to rescind their previous plan of hiring a replacement for Mr. Burns, our well renowned physics teacher, and instead has chosen to completely remove AP Physics C from the Los Gatos High School curriculum. The administration plans to replace this beloved course with a brand new class for Los Gatos: AP Physics 1.

Dan Burns is a teacher that we and many others involved in the Los Gatos High School community have cherished for his knowledge, wit, and overall positive attitude in the classroom. At the bottom of this petition, we have linked a video made by Mr. Burns himself, in which he better elucidates the importance of this high-level class. In short, it prepares students much better for academic success than the proposed alternative, AP Physics 1. Whereas AP Physics 1 provides students with a broad but shallow understanding of physics, AP Physics C truly allows students to explore physics in-depth at a college level. In the video, Mr. Burns gives facts and figures which demonstrate how the current class is more beneficial for students than the alternative. He further explains how the class is important for College Acceptances, Educational Success, and Educational Benefits and emphasizes how effective the class is with his added mastery through years of experience.

We speak for many at our school in saying that last summer we were shocked to hear of his retirement at the end of this coming year. This was in part due to the administration’s sudden decision to move Mr. Burns out of his beloved classroom, which he modified over the years to accompany interactive demonstrations which help explain important physics concepts and liven the class, on short notice. We are deeply hurt by the administration’s negligence towards AP Physics at LGHS. We, and those who support this petition, want to emphasize that the connections Mr. Burns has made with his students has impacted us enough to stand up and call for action.

We were, and still are, sad to see Mr Burns go, though we were satisfied to hear that even with Mr. Burns’s retirement, the AP Physics C Mechanics program would live on with a new teacher. He planned on mentoring the next AP Physics C teacher to ensure that the class maintains its amusing yet instructive character. Now, however, we are being told out of the blue that the program will not continue. No new teacher has been hired, and 20+ years of work that has gone to the program will have suddenly vanished.

As former AP Physics C students of Mr. Burns, we are disappointed in how this situation was handled by our school. The program is dear to many, and we have all heard testimonies as to how, through his quirky lectures, passion for education, and profound knowledge in effective teaching, Mr. Burns has changed peoples’ lives. Though we cannot bring Mr. Burns back, we are very confused as to why the school has chosen to take this class out of the curriculum, as it is very popular and well known amongst students to be an AP worth taking for a variety of reasons.

We implore you to contact those who can make a difference, and we ask those who can make a difference to reconsider the damage we, as students, will feel. We urge the continuation of this class at Los Gatos High School for the benefit of future generations.

Please watch and share this video and save this wonderful class!
One of Many Awesome Demonstrations by Mr Burns


Please sign this petition and contact (Our School Board) AND (Kristi Grasty, our Principal)

to voice your concern!



Thank you for hearing our concerns and troubles.



Concerned students of Los Gatos High School


This petition made change with 296 supporters!

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