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Re-open Elisa Lam's police case and find the answers to lingering questions

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Although Elisa Lam's death was described as "accidental" by the Los Angeles Police Department, many have been left unsatisfied in the months and years which followed. Various alternative theories have been put forward. Whilst many of these are clearly not credible, many questions surrounding suspicious characters in and around the Cecil Hotel remain to be answered.

Who were the two men seen with Elisa shortly before her death on CCTV, referenced by Detective Tennelle? Why was the infamous elevator footage tampered with, being slowed down and having a whole minute removed? Were known sex offenders resident at the Cecil Hotel at the time of Elisa's death questioned by police? And if not, why not?

Elisa was an intelligent, passionate and at times dark young woman. However, never does one get the sense that she was unstable or suicidal. We therefore request the reopening of her case, in order to address these inconsistencies and alleviate public concern.

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