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Los Angeles Mayor and City Council: Develop financial tools and legislation to keep films in LA

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My name is Jason Gurvitz; I’m a filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Having made films in many countries, I noticed on recent productions in LA that the city makes it very difficult and very costly for us to film here. 


The high fees for fire marshals, police officers, Film LA monitors and water trucks on shooting days when they are clearly not needed, among countless other fees that are the same whether the film is one hundred thousand dollars or one hundred million causes a significant negative impact to low budget filmmakers. For Los Angeles to be the movie capital of the world again, we must make LA the capital of independent films first.

The independent film industry brings hundreds of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic prosperity every year to Los Angeles. Due to the strenuous city permit fees and lack of cooperation by the city to accommodate our needs, our industry faces critical choices to either film locally, or be forced to shoot elsewhere.

With runaway production going to more tax credit friendly states, it is imperative that we do what we can as a city to keep independent filming in LA with local vendors like caterers, equipment rental houses, prop houses, and vehicle companies, just to name a few. These companies are the backbone of our industry. The increase in production will significantly boost jobs and spur economic growth.

We want the city of LA to developed financial tools and legislation to keep the independent film industry here. We can revamp the Los Angeles economy by having affordable and accessible low budget films succeed here.

We need someone who can represent us
We would like to have a representative that can work as a liaison and advocate between the Independent film industry and the City of Los Angeles. The representative should an experienced line producer with a track record of shooting independent films in Los Angeles as well as bigger budget films.

We would like to have have a process in which we can determine the necessity of fees on certain shooting days, under certain conditions at certain budget levels.

Reducing fees and simplifying the process also means added savings that can benefit the growth of the most competitive film infrastructure in the world.

Imagine if the Oscars moved their event to Louisiana, Vancouver, or New Mexico?



Join the independent film industry to keep filming in Los Angeles. You can make a difference by signing this petition. Big changes start with small steps and these small steps begin with Indie filmmakers.

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