Dodger Stadium needs Family/Nursing rooms!

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Right now, Dodger Stadium does NOT have a dedicated Family + Mother's nursing/pumping/feeding room. According to their website, "For privacy, the Dodgers welcome fans to use the medical first aid facility or the family restrooms which are located throughout the stadium for any nursing needs."

Family restrooms are often times not sanitary, don't have a comfortable place to sit or plug your pump in, and have long lines. Pumping and nursing/feeding a baby in a public bathroom is pretty much a parent's nightmare...

Medical/first aid rooms is a kind gesture, however they don't broadcast the games in there and it's embarrassing and uncomfortable to have to pump behind a curtained off area in a medical-type setting. 

The LA Dodgers should take a cue from other Major League Baseball stadiums who are dedicating rooms just for families to take care of their babies' needs. Whether it's nursing/feeding or pumping - we just need a place that's comfortable, air conditioned, clean, that also live broadcasts the game while we're handling important baby business.