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Petitioning Los Angeles District Attorney's Office

ARREST Monique Michelle Matthews for selling sick puppies.

For years Monique Michelle Matthews has been selling sick puppies to people in the Los Angeles & Riverside areas.  She proclaims these are puppies she has bred herself and goes as far to bring other dogs she says are the parents.  However, she has not bred these dogs.  They are sick dogs she gets from puppy mills and pet distributors and they get even sicker in her poor care.  She is also known to give them drugs to mask all their symptoms so they seem healthy when you first seem them.  She uses many different fake names in hopes you can not find her when your puppy gets very sick, or worse, dies.  She also provides fake health guarantees and provides questionable vet records that no one can verify.

Monique's mom is Gail Dragna who is the owner of Pet's Delight pet store in Pasadena and many beleive she is the one supplying her daughter with dogs.

You can read more about people's heartbreaking stories involving Monique Matthews here:

NBC news did a story you can watch here:!/on-air/as-seen-on/Sick-Puppy-Complaints-Prompt-Investigation/162173255

Here is the piece CBS did on her:

Monique is currently living and operating out of the Norco area.  Although police searched her house on 7/11/12, she has yet to be arrested.   Please sign this petition in hopes that she is arrested and charges are filed.

Thank you.


Letter to
Los Angeles District Attorney's Office
Arrest Monique Matthews for criminal fraud and selling sick puppies.

Monique Matthews is a heartless criminal. For years she has been selling sick puppies to people in the Southern California area. Mainly in Los Angeles County and the Norco area. I bought a puppy from her three days ago who is now very sick and in the vet and she has ignored all phone calls. She goes as far to create fake vet and registration records for these sickly pets. There are literally dozens and dozens of her victims. All you need to do is Google her name. She also pumps these puppies with drugs so they seem fine when you buy them, but they all become very sick days later. She has also been accused of check and credit card fraud against many of her customers. UPDATE: On July 11th the police raided Monique's house but she remains free. Please sign this petition in hopes that they arrest her. Thank you.


Victims of Monique Matthews