Add a protected bike lane along Franklin Avenue from Highland to Los Feliz.

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Los Angeles is described as a city that caters mostly to cars as the main method of transportation, but this simply is not true. If it were, there would be far less traffic related issues, parking would be ample in all its provinces, and there would be safer measures taken for pedestrians as they travel on the streets. If Los Angeles were such a car accommodating destination, it would also respect other's rights to seek out and utilize other forms of transportation, like biking. While Los Angeles is characterized for being widespread, it does have highly populated spots in which its residence prefer to not deal with the headaches of gridlock and parking anytime they want to indulge in a local outing or need to run the smallest of errands. The city should conduct itself in a way that shows it cares about its residents, and accommodate those who wish to share the road on two wheels. It could do so by creating a protected bike lane along one of Hollywood's main veins, Franklin. If this lane stretched from Highland Avenue to St. George Street, it would create a safe passage for bikers that streams through multiple communities. 

What is a protected bike lane?

A protected bike lane is an exclusive bikeway that has elements of a separated path and on-road bike lane. A cycle track is located within or next to the roadway, but is made distinct from both the sidewalk and general purpose roadway by vertical barriers or elevation differences. In most cases, such as Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey and Culver City, cities separate the bike lanes with a long planter that not only makes the neighborhood look nicer, but also reduces pollution by obstructing exhaust and catching dust and debris that comes from the road.

Having a bike lane connect Highland, Whitley Heights, Cahuenga, Hollywood Hills, Franklin Village, Western, Franklin Hills and Los Feliz will be extremely beneficial for the community and the city:

  1. Reduces roadway traffic, each bike on the road is one less car on the road;
  2. Reduce wear and tear on roadways;
  3. Decrease pollution;
  4. Creates and sustains a healthier environment for the community;
  5. Increases foot traffic in shopping locations which supports local businesses;
  6. Saves locals money on gas and parking, which can be invested into shopping and dining at local venues;
  7. Is a safer option during COVID as it allows people to keep distance by choosing bikes instead of ride share options;
  8. Promotes exercise and keeps the community healthy;
  9. Helps support bike and scooter rentals by keeping them off the sidewalks and roads and making it safer for pedestrians and drivers;
  10. More aesthetically pleasing and shows that the city cares about its citizens;

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