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File Charges for the illegal dumping of a dead horse

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On April 9th, a dead horse was found dumped on the side of the road in Sylmar, CA.  Initial reports by the LAPD claimed the horse was beaten or shot dead, then tied to a pole and dragged from a horse trailer.

A necropsy revealed the horse was not shot, and not beaten, but likely died while struggling inside it's trailer, hitting it's head and possibly strangling itself.  It's also been reported that the mare was pregnant as well.  

Initial news reports claimed the LAPD stated they will not be filing charges.  Not entirely accurate.  LAPD has now stated they are still investigating, and charges for neglect COULD be filed, but charges for abuse will not be.  However, they've also stated that neglect cases can be hard to prove.   

AT MINIMUM, we request the owner be charged with Animal dumping, they be held accountable for all the expenses he caused the city due to this illegal act, and also be charged with neglect, if the investigation warrants it. 

It is illegal to dump a corpse on the side of the road, and the owner should be charged with that, AT MINIMUM.  Furthermore, due to the illegal dumping, taxpayers had to foot the bill for an investigation, cleanup, and other costs associated with this despicable act.      

Concerned neighbors, citizens, and horse lovers want some justice.  

Please, sign this petition, and SHARE IT.  Help bring justice to this poor mare.  


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