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Immediately STOP installation of cell towers at all LA County fire and lifeguard facilities!

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LA-RICS is in the process of installing cell towers at LA County fire stations and lifeguard facilities WITHOUT first studying the impact on the first responders who live and work there or the residents who live or work adjacent to the facilities. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TODAY to make sure that installation of cell towers STOPS unless and until all safeguards are followed and SAFETY IS PROVEN!

  • Cell tower Radio Frequency radiation has been reported to cause debilitating symptoms including excessive fatigue, headaches, weakness, memory impairment, tinnitus, dizziness, irritability, sleep disturbances, vertigo, and balance problems (Carpenter, 2014). 
  • The LA-RICS project has been poorly planned and rushed in an unsafe manner. Without any actual Radio Frequency Radiation emission exposure studies done in advance of theconstruction of the cell towers. This is unacceptable and inaccurate in determining the radio frequency radiation exposure levels of firefighters, of the residents who live near the stations, and of the children who attend the schools near the stations
    • There has only been one sample Radio Frequency Emission Analysis Report done for all 87 proposed Fire Station sites.
    • No site-specific studies have been completed prior to build out or the potential exposure of Local 1014 members.
    • The sample report that was done as a model for all Fire Stations shows excessive Radio Frequency Radiation exposure levels.
    • Post construction Radio Frequency Radiation measurements are unacceptable.
  • FCC Compliance does not equal safety or lack of hazard to firefighters, and cumulative Radio Frequency Radiation exposure has not been considered. THE RULES TO PROTECT FIREFIGHTERS AND RESIDENTS MUST BE FOLLOWED!
  • There is no guarantee that there will not be co-locating of commercial cell antennas on these cell towers at a later date. This would increase Radio Frequency Radiation exposure levels dramatically.

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