Allow Owners to Occupy Single Family Residences

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My name is Lori and I am a working mom with two toddler boys.  We purchased a house in January and we are now homeless due a high income tenant not moving out of our house despite him having the means to do so. 

This tenant is not impacted financially by COVID and has no hardship.  He is a wealthy single guy scamming the system created for the vulnerable population.  The city created laws to protect the vulnerable population and he is a taking advantage and leaving my family homeless.  

My request is that the LA County Eviction moratorium be modified to not allow a wealthy person to take advantage of the situation.  They should allow owners to occupy their single family residences.  There are some malicious people out there taking advantage of the moratorium.  I have heard other sad stories such as a cancer patient living in a garage because she cannot occupy her own home.  This is a serious problem and it should be addressed.  

This is an important issue for landlords, property owners, and tenants.  Everyone should get fair and equitable treatment.  Property Owners may at some point hit a hardship and would want to rent their home out rather than losing it to a bank or corporation.  If this doesn't change, once you rent it out there could be no chance of getting it back.  If you are a tenant, this means the property owners will likely not take the risk of being small mom and pop landlords and reduce the amount of single family residences available to rent as they could be forced to sell to Corporations or other large institutions.  This impacts everyone and needs to be addressed.