Use Eminent Domain To Protect Hillside Villa Families From Homelessness!

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We are the Hillside Villa Tenants' Association. 

We have been fighting for over a year to keep our building affordable for the hundreds of low-income people -- including elders and children -- who live here.  

Now we are facing a mass eviction and possible homelessness at the hands of an extraordinarily wealthy slumlord, Tom Botz.

The Hillside Villa Apartments in Chinatown were built 30 years ago with millions of dollars of public money.  Since then, they’ve provided an affordable, stable home for 124 families. But it’s also served as a cash register for Botz, who neglects maintenance, charges us hundreds of dollars for parking, and raises rents every chance he can. 

On September 1, 2020, Tom Botz will be able to raise our rents as high as he wants, and cash out.

The city must use eminent domain to buy our building and keep it permanently affordable.  

A motion has been introduced in by Councilmember Gil Cedillo -- now the rest of City Council must support this and finish the job.  The city already offered Botz $12.7 million to keep our homes affordable for just 10 years, but he refused.  Eminent domain is the only option. 

We have built a multicultural family.  We are Latinx and Chinese immigrants. We are parents and small children.  We are elders with fixed incomes and chronic illnesses. We cannot afford rents anywhere near Chinatown.  But we deserve to stay, and will continue fighting, because housing is a human right! Hillside Villa was built with public funds and should remain a public benefit!

Keep our families off the street!

It’s time to reverse the ugly history of eminent domain and use it to protect tenants and prevent more families from becoming homeless.  

We are inspired by Moms 4 Housing in Oakland, who took radical action to protect their families from homelessness. And like the Moms, we too are fighting for all tenants across California and the nation. 

Botz has proven he will not negotiate in good faith -- eminent domain is the only option. 

The city must treat this as the emergency it is.


Tenants have been victims of landlord harassment that has been financially burdensome, many faced with hospital bills and evictions and loss of work as a result. To contribute to our efforts and support the Hillside Villa tenants you can donate here: