Stop the daily killing of family cats and dogs by San Fernando Valley Urban Coyotes

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Urban coyote attacks are happening every day in the Valley (Los Angeles County)!   Yes - they were here before us and Yes - we have encroached on their habitat and  Yes - they're hungry.  But I've lived in the same Woodland Hills home for 15 years and I've never seen it like this. Three weeks ago a coyote came up to my front door and peered in my front window!  I lost my cat to a coyote attack several years ago, because he got out at night. But now cats and many dogs are being attacked and killed in the daytime and in backyards.  The coyotes are bolder than ever and they are not just killing stray cats anymore, they're killing cherished family members.  No pet is safe - little dogs are being carried off, but large dogs are at risk too.  Recently an Australian Shepherd and a Golden Retriever were killed.  I heard of a local resident having a dog snatched by a stealth coyote attack while in the backyard with the dog's owner standing right there.   Dogs are being taken while they are being walked on a leash in the middle of the day.  The attacks are fast, efficient, deadly and OFTEN!     

On June 29th, 2018 I contacted the Dept of Fish & Wildlife and spoke to Jim Wimmer (Los Alamitos). While he said the coyote problem is everywhere, he said the City has a responsibility to take steps to help us with this problem.

They have to:

(a) Clear brush near our homes where coyotes may be nesting.

(b) Ensure local businesses and restaurants don't leave trash and food sources out that might attract the coyotes.

(c) Set traps and remove any coyotes that become too aggressive and threatening in our neighborhoods.

The City will also be required to contact the Dept of Fish & Wildlife and get them involved, but we need to start by contacting the City.  

WARNING SIGNS should be posted:   Sadly many people aren't aware how bad the situation is until they lose a pet to a coyote attack.   Conspicuous signs should be posted in neighborhoods warning of dangerous coyote activity.  These signs are regularly posted on hiking trails where wildlife is expected, but unsuspecting urban dwellers need to know there is a real danger here too!  

This problem isn't going away without us and will get worse and worse if we ignore it.    If a coyote or pack of coyotes will attack a large dog, isn't an attack on a toddler just a matter of time?

Please sign this petition and post details of your own coyote incidents.  Did you lose a pet in Los Angeles County to a coyote attack?  Please post and sign and share!

Mr. Wimmer (CA Fish & Wildlife) said that coyotes are drawn to our neighborhoods for the food source, and that food source is our dogs and cats! So we need to make the coyotes unwelcome. If you see a coyote in our streets - haze it!      Additional video link: HOW TO HAZE A COYOTE.  

FULL DISCLOSURE: Regarding the photo I used for this petition posting, I don't know the exact location of this event, but it illustrates that a coyote will chase and attack a large dog.

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