Save Historic Whiteman Airport

Save Historic Whiteman Airport

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Started by Ruth Logan

For 77 years Whiteman Airport (WHP) has been the small local airport in Pacoima that most people in the San Fernando Valley (SFV) do not know exists.  WHP sits on 184 acres of prime real estate.  That would make any real estate developer salivate with the average cost of buying a home in Pacoima  is $633,235.  Recently the 15 members of the Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted to close WHP.

Closing WHP would be a tragic mistake because:

  • It Supplies Emergency Preparedness & Response.  Aerial fire fighting support (utilized by L.A. County Fire, U.S. Forest Service, and other support agencies)
  • Designated Relief Airport for the larger airports.
  • Law enforcement/National Security
  • Disaster Relief
  • Search & Rescue - Civil Air Patrol U.S. Air Force Auxiliary Squadron 35 is based at WHP
  • The airport creates roughly 412 jobs, with associated labor income of nearly $19 million annually.
  • Utility/pipeline patrol & Inspection
  • Aeromedical/Air Ambulance Flights
  • News, Weather & Traffic Reporting
  • Flight training
  • The airport and the surrounding communities benefit from the estimated $54.5 million in total airport related spending each year. 
  • Youth groups such as: Civil Air Patrol, Kitty Hawk Squadron, Aviation Explorer Post 747 make it possible for the local youth to learn to fly, become an aircraft mechanic, airline pilot, flight instructor or obtain a job in aerospace.
  • The Experimental Aviation Association provides free airplane rides every 4th Saturday for youth ages 8-17
  • Overall, the airport plays a vital role in the nation's integrated system of airports and is a valuable asset to the local communities, serving the diverse constituents of Pacoima, the San Fernando Valley, and the broader County of Los Angeles.

Please sign this petition and/or contact your Los Angeles City Council member and voice your opinion.  DONATIONS GO TO CHANGE.ORG FOR ADVERTISING. 



4,004 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!