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Lorna Jane: design gym gear for plus-size women – give girls of all sizes a chance

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I joined a gym last year and was really excited to finally begin my journey to transform my life. That was until I tried looking for gym clothes and realised exercise wasn't going to be the hard part – I walked around for hours struggling to find gym clothing that actually fit me.

I walked away feeling defeated. I already found it daunting enough walking into the gym despite the judgement of my figure in the first place, let alone walking in wearing a tent for a top and cheap, low-quality leggings whilst all the other girls looked wonderful in their colourful, flattering, tummy controlling gym clothes.

It saddens me that one of the leading brands in fitness gear, Lorna Jane, didn't have clothes for the bigger girls – we need them equally as much as the smaller girls. 

Don't get me wrong, being bigger isn't bad, doesn't make you ugly and can be attributed to many different factors. I myself have a thyroid problem so I understand that it can be difficult. Big or small, healthy is key – and I worry that access to appropriate gym clothes is a huge barrier for lots of bigger girls.

Shouldn't the bigger girls be in the gym just as much, if not, more? Shouldn't we be encouraged to live happy and healthy just as much as the smaller girls? I'm not degrading Lorna Jane in any way, shape or form, I would just like to see a company that has the resources start changing the minds of the bigger girls who feel like they don't belong in the gym.

That's why I've started this petition asking Lorna Jane to bring in a plus-size range – to give girls of all sizes the chance to go to the gym unembarrassed!

Men, women, big, small, young, old... If you agree (and even if you don't, haha) please sign this! You could be part of something amazing!

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