Make virtual school hours shorter for CPS students.

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Cps students are talking virtual classes for the 2020-2021 school year. They are expected to be on screen for 8 hours a day. With COVID-19 cases still rising it’s clear that it’s much safer to stay home, but 8 hours of staring at the screen is not mentally and physically healthy for students.
It has been shown that not only students are being affected but teachers as well. Being online for so long has caused mental and emotional stress on everyone. Even when classes end, students still have homework and teachers need to prepare for their upcoming lessons. This just means more screen time and more stress.
We ask that school hours online be shorten. If online school was to be 4 hours, students and teachers will have more time for schoolwork, personal lives and themselves. They have families to take care of, responsibilities, jobs etc. It’s important to realize that this new to everyone, students are having a harder time learning and teachers are having a harder time teaching. The excessive amount of hours only makes it more difficult.

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