Save Big Creek park from Krause Tennis Center Monstrosity

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Big Creek Park in Roswell off Old Alabama Road is currently home to a forest full of wildlife, mountain bike trails, and walking trails.  The proposal will tear down 60 acres of this forest and replace it with over 100 tennis courts.  Roswell and surrounding cities already have plenty of tennis facilities.  In a busy city, we need this beautiful, tranquil, escape from the city much more than we need even more tennis courts and traffic.  Tell Mayor Lori Henry and the Roswell City Council to save Big Creek Park and say no to the Krause Tennis Center!

Map of the location from City of Roswell's Facebook Page.

What can you do?

Attend the Town Hall meeting October 4 at 7pm at the East Roswell Rec Center (9000 Fouts Rd).  Wear green!  (Agenda)

Take the survey about your use of Big Creek park.

Visit or Friends of Big Creek Park FB Page for more information, or contact to stay updated.

Email Lori Henry:
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Email Vernon Krause: