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Change Wrongful Death & Sovereign Immunity Acts in Florida - Accountability in Hospitals

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Florida hospitals and medical facilities literally have a license to kill. Millions of Floridians refer to this as the "Free Kill Law" because if you are a doctor or hospital you are free to kill people.

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States.  Florida statistics are absent searches because nobody here is counting wrongful death cases.

49 States have laws which allow the family to stand up and demand justice when a loved one is killed by malpractice.  1 does not... Florida.  Florida residents are you ready to change this law to be in line with the rest of the USA?  Click here to read the laws for each state.  You are denied access to a court of law when your loved one is a victim of wrongful death by medical error if you are:

*Parent of an adult child

*Son or daughter and over age 24

*Sibling of the deceased

This violates both our 2nd and 14th amendment rights. Your rights are being violated if you are:

Unwed, LGBT, Have no children, have only children over age 24 

Dad's Daisies is on a mission to bring forth change where Florida hospitals become able to be held accountable for wrongful death in the presence of medical errors.  

 My father was Baker Acted to a Broward Health North due to "complicated grief" (He was shocked at the sudden death of his wife (my mother).  He had ZERO health conditions.  He had ZERO diagnosis that would be considered even the least bit dangerous to his life.  

He died within three days due to the combination of several medical errors.  He was overmedicated, despite my requests for less sedation - he was given more - 4 overlapping sedatives (because ... he wanted to go home and wouldn't be still).  I later found that the medication given contraindicated his condition and when he turned "dusky" was given the wrong drug to reverse the overdose effects.  Narcan does not reverse sedative overdose, but rather opioid overdose... though there is NO documentation nor reason of him being given opioids!  He was put on a very strong IV antibiotic that harms the heart and should only be given in extreme circumstances for NO REASON with NO DIAGNOSIS for it.

I buried both of my parents on the same day, side by side, but that didn't have to happen.  

My father often told me that in his elderly community that most neighbors were afraid of Florida hospitals, because when your picked up by ambulance... you don't make it out alive and return home.  

I thought he was paranoid, until I watched him take his last breaths due to negligent medical errors.  

Due to Florida Statute 768.21(8) *There is no evaluation of medical licensure nor re-education.  Practitioners riddled with counts of negligent death are not even corrected.  They just keep on making errors that kill.  This statute is in place because many of our public officials are getting PAID to keep it there.  They forget that they got voted in to serve US, not corporations, not to line their pockets while people DIE.  

The argument hospital lobbyists posed for eliminating lawsuits was due to the rising costs of healthcare and excessive lawsuits contributing to the problem.  Well lets face it... now the hospitals are not held accountable at all and health care costs have continued to rise anyway. COULD PAYOFFS BE CONTRIBUTING TO THE RISE IN INSURANCE?  YES.  


Lets make this change and remind politicians that #alllivesmatter and if they don't think so... they don't belong in office.

Lets make this change and value the lives of the 53% of Floridians who are unwed and the over 60% who are over 65 years old and do not have young children.  Our elderly are at the greatest risk!  

The results of this form will be taken with me and Debbie to Tallahassee as we lobby for change alongside others who have lost.  WE will persist and we will win at some point.  We can't bring home our loved ones, they are lost to us now.  But they shall not have died in vein.

 PS Please sign our letter to all Florida Senators & House Reps asking for change and to support a bill for change:

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