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Provide more resources to law enforcement to stop illegal dog fighting

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Why is dog fighting an issue?

Dog fighting is a big problem. It is a form of animal abuse. For a pay it forward project I chose dog fighting as my topic. I want to stop dog fighting because it's inhumane, cruel, and selfish. Dogs should be loved. Dog fighting is for people's entertainment only. It's not fair for each dog to be abused in the way that they are.  Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states, but it still happens because the people who can help stop this issue such as police and other organizations that investigate dog fighting (e.g. The Human Society) lack sufficient resources. The reason is because these groups often don't have enough money/support to help make investigations, busts and rescues. Investigations by themselves are very expensive, which is why organizations are having harder times making investigations.  When owners don’t want their dogs anymore they will usually leave them in the streets or kill them. This is a problem because dogs can get rabies and hurt people and other animals. Dogs that are left can also breed, and that is a problem because there are too many dogs on the streets. There's already an overpopulated amount of dogs in the United States, with the total number of dogs in the country in excess of 73 million.


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