L’Oréal: Ageism is getting old!

L’Oréal: Ageism is getting old!

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Ageism has become a tolerated form of social discrimination against seniors, as women aged 50 and above spend money on anti-aging products (women are generally the targeted audience involved, but products are also available for men).

Globally, youth, beauty, and vitality are highly valued. In North America, we value wrinkle-free skin. Big corporations such as Elizabeth Arden (United Kingdom), Mosbeau International (Japan), and L’Oréal (Paris), encourage ageism as they promote skin care products for aging skins while creating  ‘youthful’ messages through their campaigns.

L’Oréal is a leading cosmetic brand worldwide, and with that comes popularity. This corporation has the potential of having a huge and positive impact on ageism and on seniors’ self-esteems.

We challenge L’Oréal to promote their products featuring aging women in their campaigns for skin care products. Because old is also beautiful.

This will not only will promote awareness around the impacts of ageism on seniors, but it can contribute to strengthening everyone’s self-esteem, by showing society at large that being beautiful does not mean you have to be young.

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