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I’m a twenty-one year old student from a tiny village in Leeds, on a constant mission to get my peers interested and engaged with their communities. I think it's important that we have an engaged society that contribute to politics. Today, I learned of the allegations against Lord Sewell. How am I supposed to encourage my generation to get involved in politics when some of our politicians are such poor role models?

Lord Sewel has stepped down as Deputy Speaker but is still a peer in the House of Lords. Despite Labour suspending him, he is still entitled to a tax-free office holder’s allowance of £36,000 plus travel and other expenses. Reports say that the House of Lords authorities may face a delay of up to a year before they can use new powers to suspend or expel Sewel. This is why I’m calling for Lord Sewel to resign from his position, with immediate effect. It’s not right that he continues to take taxpayers’ money and remain in a position of authority.

Politicians represent our country and should be role models for future generations. If the allegations are confirmed, Lord Sewel cannot take back his behaviour, but stepping down would go some way to showing his remorse and restoring a little of our lost faith in politicians.

How are people ever going to take politicians seriously when our students are leaving university with tens of thousands of pounds of debt, many public services work long hours for little pay and other professions are receiving pay cut after pay cut -- while someone in the House of Lords, who is under investigation for some appalling behaviour, will be eligible for up to £300 per day in Parliament, until he can be suspended or expelled?

There is often a feeling among my generation that politicians are ‘out of touch’. Behaviour like this only reinforces that feeling. If the politicians can’t do it then we need to clean up politics ourselves.

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