STOP! Massive Over-Development in Nathan

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STOP! this Massive Over-Development of our suburb, Nathan.

Developers are proposing 750 units! We currently have only 400 dwellings in Nathan, this increase is incomprehensible. Our population is approximately 1400 and this development would easily double that with no infrastructure change to incorporate that amount of people. The site they are planning to develop is 6.6 hectares. The current dwellings in Nathan currently sit on 22.9 hectares. Putting that in to perspective is double the housing on a third less of land.

Some simple facts:

- Density. Currently in our suburb we have heights of up to two storey walk up duplexes and small complexes. Most common dwelling is free standing houses. We have 283 houses, 14 duplexes and 18 complexes with an average of 5 units per complex. No consideration was given to our BCC Neighbourhood Plan or the Mayors Brisbane's Future Blueprint.

- Traffic management. The traffic engineering report submitted by the applicant appears to underestimate the likely volume of trips generated by this proposed land use. In designing the internal access roads, the applicant has failed to prioritise pedestrian connectivity to the high-frequency BUZ stop on Toohey Rd (a significant missed opportunity). Many residents of this potential retirement living complex are unlikely to be able to walk the 500+ metres to this bus stop, and are likely to be more reliant on private vehicle transport (either their own vehicles or private taxi services) than the developer suggests. As such, the density of this site should be scaled back, and the applicant should be required to demonstrate additional measures to improve connectivity and access to nearby public transport services. 

- Infrastructure. Over 60% of residents in Brisbane drive their vehicle to work. Another 6% travel as a passenger. We don't have the infrastructure to support this influx, neither do we have the facilities to support this development. In 2016, ABS provided statistics which showed that over 30% of households in Brisbane owned at least 1 car. Over 35% owned 2 cars and nearly 20% owned 3 cars or more. Close to 90% of households own 1 or more cars. If the development were to be approved at a minimum of 500 units, or up to 750 as proposed, where will these cars will be parked. Most developments of this size will cater for 1 car park. This leaves hundreds of cars either on the street or parked illegally. THIS IS NOT SAFE, nor is it practicable.

- Communal Recreation Park. The proposed site cover is excessive and not in keeping with the site cover proportions for other residences in the neighbourhood. The developer should be required to provide significantly more open green space and more deep-planted trees on site, and this open green space should be designed so that it is useable and accessible to members of the broader community rather than being exclusively for the use of residents. While this part of Nathan has ample bushland, there is very little open green space for recreation. Local children have nowhere to kick a ball or throw a Frisbee, and so council should be using this redevelopment of industrial land as an opportunity to deliver a new public park for the broader community. It would be appropriate to require one smaller vegetated garden-style park in the south-east corner of the site (integrating with the existing on-site vegetation and neighbouring bushland) as well as a larger public park along the northern side of the site that is designed so as to be accessible and welcoming to residents of the wider neighbourhood.

Brisbane City Council have failed residents with a lack of proper public consultation through meaningful community engagement and feedback. Thus, leaving residents very frustrated with little choice but to initiate our own action.

Developers all over Brisbane are being allowed to push for greater housing density ignoring important Neighbourhood Plans handed down by BCC to preserve the suburbs character, infrastructure and natural assets. Council are also failing to rigorously assess development applications according to their own Future Blueprints.

Please help us to STOP! Massive Over-Development in Nathan.