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Ban Sales of the Confederate Flag at the Lorain County Fair

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The Fair-minded Coalition of Lorain County urges you to stand with concerned Lorain County residents to support the banning of sales of the confederate flag and all confederate merchandise at the Lorain County Fair, consistent with the action taken by the Ohio State Fair Board in August 2015. We are profoundly disappointed in the Lorain County Fair Board's continued support for this symbol of hatred and their unwillingness to follow their own bylaws, which ensure a Fair environment that can be enjoyed fully by all citizens.

Rev. Paul Wilson, Louisiana native, Coalition member, and pastor of First United Methodist Church in Wellington, remembers, "Growing up in the south I have seen the flag of the confederate army fly from homes, cars, restaurants, and cross burnings. The same flag proudly flew from lynch mobs as someone’s son or father swung from a tree....They go hand in hand. We never saw a cross burn in a family’s yard, a church burn to the ground, a whites only sign, or any Klan march without their symbol, without their flag backing up their hate. And now I see that flag at our beloved county fair. I do not think it right that someone sells their hate speech in my name, or in your name. And that is exactly what they do when they sell the flag of the army of the confederacy at the Lorain County Fair."

The sale of confederate merchandise, including the flag, has already been banned by State Fairs in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and New York, in addition to major retailers such as Google, Walmart, eBay, Sears, Target, Etsy, and Amazon. We insist that the Lorain County Fair respect the dignity of Lorain County residents of all backgrounds and prohibit the sale of this shameful symbol of our nation's past.

Until sales of the flag are banned, we will urge churches, schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals to unite against this symbol that divides us a county and a nation. It is our duty to ensure that we never go back to the recent past when demeaning items such as black-faced lawn jockeys, mammy cookie jars, Little Black Sambo posters and images of pickaninnies eating watermelon were common at fairs and stores. These practices were stopped not by laws, but by African-Americans and other people of good conscience demanding higher community standards.

Our Coalition is comprised of many Lorain County entities that believe the confederate flag has no place at an event celebrating our county’s rich agricultural heritage, and that its presence is offensive, controversial, and embarrassing.  We urge you to stand with us and ban the sale.

The Fair Minded Coalition of Lorain County


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