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Need for Water Access Parking

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In line with the purpose of the Water Access Society to promote the welfare of cabin owners on the south side of Loon Lake through communication, collective decision making and common actions; I have created a petition to encourage the BC Legislature to look at providing long term parking for water access cabin owners.  

Currently, the approximately 49 cabin owners on the south side of the Loon Lake  depend on the resorts on the north side of the lake to provide parking for our vehicles (when we are at our cabins) and our boats (when we are not).  Two of these resorts are currently up for sale and the future of our parking options may be in jeopardy if the new owners decide to deny parking privileges to water access users.  

At our 2016 Annual General Meeting, we discussed a few options available to us.  

1.  The most ideal would be for the access roads off of Loon Lake road to be maintained as boat launches like the one at the far east end of the lake.  

2.  Another option would be for the Water Access Members to be leased a piece of land on the North side of the lake where we can create a parking lot, boat launch and ideally moorage.  There are a few parcels of land that may be available to lease.  Centrally located on the lake is the former BC Parks Campground.  Just east of the campground is a parcel of land that could be used by the Water Access members.  We would like to ask the government to look at any options where we as a membership could utilize and maintain a feasible/flat parcel of land for a yearly fee.  There would be a gate where only members would have keys.  In order to receive a key, a yearly fee must be paid.  

3.  One more option might be to provide annual parking decals to Water Access members only.  A fee would be paid to the district to be issued a parking decal to be placed on their car windows that allows water access owners to legally park along Loon Lake Road or Stevens Road, without the risk of being towed.  This scenario is very successful in metropolitan areas like Vancouver where you need to have a decal on your car in order to park in certain areas of the neighbourhood.    Proof of ownership or lease of a water access property would need to be shown on a yearly basis in order to receive and renew the decal.  To avoid parking congestion at the one and only boat launch on Stevens Road, there would need to be more launches available to water access members.  With this scenario, ideally there would be two more launches with parking available in addition to the one on Stevens Road.  My recommendation would be one near Marigold Resort and one half way between Marigold and the Stevens Road launch.  

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration regarding our dilemma.  By signing this petition we collectively realize that something must be done in order to provide long term access to our cabins.  



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