Unchain Buddy & give him a second chance!!

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"Buddy" is a medium sized Pit Bull Mix, known by the small Mead Colorado community as "The dog on everyone's mind..."- chained up for the past two years.

Tethered to a small rickety wooden dog house across the street from our town gas station.

To back up a little- The dog owned here before buddy was a little Chihuahua that was rumored to have strangled himself to death on the same tree buddy is now chained next to.  A few months ago, our town thankfully welcomed a Police Chief and a couple officers, who are working diligently to keep this dog detained from the owner, and hopefully to get a second chance at life. (We dont have animal control though.)

When he is on the loose, he is IMPOSSIBLE to catch. He WILL NOT go to anyone, except the only person he knows as his "master" who's idea of having a dog is tethering him to his outdoor "shelter" the dog house- day and night, winter or summer. Panting or freezing, who cares right?

If he isn't tethered, Buddy is barking at the people next door trying to pump their gas. Acting scary yes- because HE IS scared of humans!! He doesn't know love, and never has. Will he ever??

A few of us locals, along with the Officers have gotten to know sweet timid Buddy, and have wished he would willingly come to us while running on the road, so we can find him a better home....

As of 9/18/17- Buddy is thankfully at Longmont Humane Society. Sitting there, scared- confused what indoors even is, but at least he has a bed to sleep on for the first time, and has a supply of food and water. And hopefully getting used to a little positive human interaction he has never seen before.

I'm starting this petition in hopes his owner doesn't get him back, and is never allowed to own a dog again!!

In hopes- the two years of Buddy's ONE AND ONLY life, isn't OVER- because he will be harder to train, harder to warm up than other dogs. (And lets face it, Pit Bulls in general don't have a good reputation) He is going to require EXTRA LOVE and training- for Buddy to earn our trust as decent humans who actually care for him, it's going to take a special person.

Longmont Humane Society, PLEASE don't allow the euthanization of buddy IF he is harder to "train or mold" and PLEASE don't give him back to his owner!!!!!!

and just for the record, he hasn't bitten anyone!

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